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TW2 works primarily for professional service clients. Our specific areas of expertise include:

Real Estate Services & Development
Financial Services
Public Companies
Public Agencies

Litigation Publicity Strategy & Implementation

Visibility surrounding a lawsuit can be an important element of a litigation strategy. With long-term experience working with law firms, TW2 Marketing is one of a handful of consulting groups in the United States with the specialized skills needed to successfully plan and implement sensitive yet important litigation-related visibility.

We understand the needs of law firms and their clients and how visibility can help or hurt during the litigation process. We balance the pros and cons of such exposure with the concerns of the court regarding pre-trial/trial/post-trial publicity to ensure that the appropriate type of visibility is gained. We also work to prevent publicity for our clients during litigation, when appropriate.

Our clients often include TW2 on the litigation team even before lawsuits are filed for matters that are local, national and international in scope.

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