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TW2 Weekly Tips:

4/4/12: Want publicity? Create news with a statistically-relevant, custom survey pertinent to your biz and customers and share with the media.

3/27/12: Looking for a job? Career Stylist, Kelly Studer, gives great advice on why never to apply for a job online: Click here

2/29/12: Have a service or product that is VISUAL? Use Pinterest, the fastest growing social media tool, to market it. (

2/15/12: LinkedIn has hit 150 million members or 150 million potential contacts for you. If you aren’t using it, start NOW (

1/24/12: Proofread your emails before hitting send. Messages with errors can make the wrong impression.

1/18/12: Media has gone multi! Pictures can boost your chances of getting publicity. Plan accordingly.

1/11/12: Use meaningful keywords in your PR/marketing materials to maximize the ability of search engines to find your messages.

1/3/12: If you give someone a referral, let them know. You’ll build goodwill and maybe earn a return referral.

12/6/11: In PR as in life- It's often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock. Don’t get discouraged!

11/29/11: Reporters scramble to find interview sources over the holidays. Being available when others aren’t could earn you press!

11/22/11: News releases get 30% more traffic when mentioned on Twitter than on Facebook. Don’t forget to tweet! (Click Here)

11/16/11: 2012 is in 6 weeks! The new year is a good time to try new things to gain clients and visibility. Start planning NOW!

10/31/11: Trick or TWEET- give me something good for a reporter’s beat! Always know who's covering your industry's beat to promote timely news!

10/27/11: Want to hone your marketing skills? Hit the books! PR pro Ronn Torossian lists 10 worthy PR/marketing reads. (Click Here)

10/18/11: In PR, quality beats quantity!  Better to have 10 targets see your news vs. 100 that aren’t .

10/11/11: How can your competitors become your collaborators? Dare to think differently about getting ahead.

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